In modern usage, both “conservatives” and “liberals” are fundamentally conservative.  Both are motivated by stasis and dread dynamism above all.  One may fear it more in some spheres than the other, and vice versa, but both seek to halt progress.  Both wish to turn evolving processes into stagnant castes.  Both are reactionary.  Both are motivated by fear, cynicism, and anger more than hope, optimism or wonder.  Both rest on naive, unrealistic notions of human nature.  Prices should be fixed.  Differences between people frozen.  Technology, movement, art, nature, ideas, and all manner of social orders walled in.  Dissenters smashed, experimenters stymied, innovators corralled.  “Let us make man in our image” they say; an image so small humanity would soon be dwarfed, and a task so impossible that attempts would be laughable if not so tragic.  Neither understand that a molded man is a dying man.  Both would conserve stagnation unto death, rather than allow dynamism unto life.  Both, ultimately, thankfully, are fighting a losing battle.